Dave Emmitt Discussions

Consulting, design and installation of Solar thermal and tankless integration, high-efficiency evaporative cooling and other HVAC-related improvements to homes and businesses.

Dave Emmitt, former owner of Direct Drive Service launched his new company, Pallindrome Energy Management in July 2011. Dave currently runs Go-Tankless Colorado and ProCool under the umbrella of this new company. He will continue to provide customers with expert advice in energy efficiency for your home or business as he has done for the past 18 years across the Front Range.

The company uses tankless technology to retrofit homes for energy efficiency, not only for domestic hot water but for space heat including baseboard hydronic systems or hot water forced air furnace conversions. We also install high-efficiency evaporative cooling. We can provide attic fans or air destratification for improved envelope heat loss and comfort in the summer months. Our company philosophy is to contribute positively to our ecology and to provide exceptional indoor comfort and air quality for homes and businesses.

Dave Emmitt began consulting for the Demand Side Management Program of Xcel Energy in 1990, being instrumental in the inception of the evaporative cooler rebate program. Since that time, he has earned a reputation as an integrator and leader in the field of practical energy-saving and environmentally sound HVAC products and methods. His DBA, Go Tankless of Colorado, began in 2000 as a response to the growing tankless water heater market, of which he had been a proponent and innovator for over 15 years. Several articles he has written have been published in industry journals across the U.S. Dave is recognized within the energy efficiency community as an expert on alternative heating and cooling and he regularly presents to architects, energy raters and other professionals within the green building community.

Why Risk Coming Home to a Flood? Tankless Provides Protection…

Consider the real issue of what happens when your water tank decides to give up the ghost. It happens often without warning. For the lucky ones, a couple drips under the tank are noticed and it’s “time”. In the other 50% (yep, half!) of the cases, the bottom drops out or the side splits from a faulty relief valve and the basement becomes a swimming pool, or the crawlspace a swamp. Or the condo below fills up with water. Or the main level becomes an ice skating rink, or… you get the picture. Perhaps you have been in this situation. It’s not pretty. Tankless systems don’t hold water, so no danger of flood!