Salon owner increases energy efficiency and creates unlimited hot water


Patrice von Metzger is a salon owner in Longmont, Colorado and employs several aestheticians, hair stylists, nail technicians and massage therapists. Patrice has a thriving business and is the go-to spa for many Longmont residents seeking health, beauty and relaxation. The Sunflower facility is state-of-the art, and has many nail and hair stations, a body wash and an in-house laundry facility.


Having adequate hot water is critical to any spa. From washing hair to washing towels, without hot water, everything comes to a screeching halt. And that is exactly what happened on December 23, 2017. Patrice came into the shop to find the 120-gallon 300,000 BTU water tank had sprung a leak. She was facing having to replace it with like in kind and likely face the same problem in another 7 years, which is the amount of time the tank lasted. Not the kind of problem a business owner wants to face, especially with Christmas season right around the corner.


After considerable research, Patrice found that the cost to replace the faulty water heater was over $8000, so she set about looking for someone to advise her. She was referred to us by one of her colleagues, and we proposed a Navien NPE-A series tankless water heater with an 80 gallon storage tank for under $6000. Problem solved! The salon is now enjoying more hot water than they need at a considerable savings in energy costs over what they were paying with their big, leaking monster. In fact, we were able to remove the additional 50 gallon water heater that was serving her adjacent hair salon, and combine the two systems into one efficient, compact system.