A few weeks ago, we started work on Mario and Kathleen’s mountain home near Nederland Colorado.

When we started work, they had only one source of heat- a large wood-burning stove in the basement. Needless to say, there were a few hot and cold spots in the house. Coldest was the bedroom, and hottest was the basement. Everywhere else in the house was “tolerable”, except for first thing in the morning, when it was downright polar!


We installed an NTI high-efficency boiler and ran pex tubing (cross-liked polyethylene) to all the rooms, where we installed Beacon-Morris fancoil unit heaters. Each of these heaters was on a circuit with thermostats in different parts of the house- a true “zoned heating system”. The comfort from each of these fancoils is tremendous- and they are quiet units. The fans come on and go off as the hot water circulates through them when each of the zones calls for heat. We also installed a radiant floor system in the upstairs bathroom below the tile. It’s about the most pleasant place you would ever want to take a shower. There is also a snowmelt system coming off the same boiler that heats the walkway going out to the hot tub, so nobody has to freeze their feet going to take a tub.
The whole system was installed in less than a month, for a fraction of the cost of what a ducted heating system would have cost. It’s been in the teens at night lately. Not inside. 70 wherever they need it to be. And rooms that aren’t used are kept cooler for efficiency.

Needless to say, Mario and Kathleen have joined the 21st century, and are loving the transformation of comfort. A little secret, though. They still burn “a little” wood. Mostly for the ambiance and the smell of a mountain wood fire.